Heather Celaschi Allergy Therapist

I have supported people to discover how to strengthen their immune system and address both environmental allergies and food intolerances. I use applied kinesiology, muscle testing in a non invasive way, to test a homeopathic quantity of the item on your body. By changing small things in our diet and lifestyle we can make huge differences to the quality of our health.

Our immune and digestive systems protect us from disease and allergies. When either is failing we can over react to the food we eat, stress and the environment we work and live in.  When this happens we don't absorb the right vitamins and minerals from the food we eat.  I have a firm belief that we should all get the right vitamins and minerals from the food we eat but if we are not absorbing these correctly because of food intolerances or our stress levels are high we need to eat different foods or take supplements for a short while.

I began studying allergy therapy in 1998  qualifying as an allergy therapist in 2006 at Prestberries Farm in Hartpury. I am a Member of the Register of Allergy Therapists which is affiliated to the Institute of Complementary Medicine.

I have studied the medicinal properties of plants at the Bristol Botanic Gardens; Chinese Five Elements at Prestberries and am currently studying a BSc in Life Sciences with particular focus on human body systems, and the way these interact with our environment.