Bob Cheung - Tui Na, Chinese Clinical Massage.

I have been practising Tui Na Medical Massage full time since the year 2000 when I gained my two year diploma as a Master Tui Na Practitioner from Cheltenham Body Harmonics Centre. I have been practising Kung Fu and Tai Chi since 1989. During this time I injured my cruciate ligament and thanks to Tui Na I healed very quickly from this debilitating injury and the speed of the healing impressed me so much I chose to study it. I have travelled to Hong Kong as part of my studies and have gained an in depth knowledge of this treatment.

As well as Tui Na Massage I am a fully qualified  Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Chi Gung instructor and offer one to one tuition as well as group training.

Tui Na Massage is part of traditional Chinese medicine and all muscular-skeletal problems and rehabilitation are treated with Tui Na in hospitals in China. This is a deep tissue massage and is tailored to the patients needs, treating both the cause and the symptom. Varying amounts of pressure are applied to the relevant meridian points to allow Chi to flow harmoniously again. All factors are taken into account from emotional wellbeing to diet and lifestyle so maximum benefit can be achieved. For a treatment,  loose trousers and a t-shirt should be worn preferably. The massage does not require the removal of any clothing.