Eloise Gynn – Emmett and Bowen Therapist

I am a composer and a cellist, having studied music at Cardiff University. Whilst there, I noticed that playing an instrument, especially the long hours of practicing, can put great strain on musicians’ bodies. 

I discovered the effectiveness of Bowen Therapy when just a few sessions resolved a condition that had prevented me from being able to play for a year.

The Bowen Technique had such a positive effect on me that I was inspired to train as a therapist, dedicating myself to bring to others the relief and healing that it gave to me. Since training, I have been constantly amazed at the benefits this gentle therapy can bring.

I have recently qualified to practice the Emmett Technique, another powerful and gentle muscle release therapy. Bowen and Emmett techniques can be used together or separately. Your treatment will be tailored to your needs using either or both therapies to gently release your muscles to ease pain and discomfort.

For more details about these therapies, see www.bowencardiff.co.uk

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