Felicity Lee MSc RSHom Homeopath

I have been practising homeopathy in Cardiff since 1984. Over the years my experience as both the patient and practitioner has confirmed that homeopathy is a gentle and deep acting system of medicine. I trained at the School of Homeopathy in Devon and was accepted onto the register of the Society of Homepaths in 1987.  I am fully insured with the Society and subject to their Code of Ethics.  I have also studied at the School for Advanced Homœopathic Studies in Malvern.

Before I discovered homeopathy, I worked as a pharmacist in hospitals in England, Canada and Australia, so I am well aware of the effects and side-effects of prescribed medicines. Because homeopathic remedies are prepared from natural materials and are then diluted in a particular way, they cannot cause side effects and are safe to use even in pregnancy or when treating young babies.

For more information about me, and how I work you can visit my website at www.felicitylee.co.uk

For more information about the Society of Homeopaths or to view the register, go to their website www.homeopathy-soh.org