Tony Penman Shiatsu Practitioner

The benefits of shiatsu are relaxing mind and body, restoring and balancing energy, easing tension and stiffness, improving breathing, posture and circulation and enhancing well being.

I spent a year studying Shiatsu at the Bristol School of Shiatsu in 1987 and went on to study for a further two years at The British School of Shiatsu-Do in London, being awarded my practitioner diploma in 1990.

I was accepted onto The Shiatsu Society Register (MRSS) later that year. I have  been working as a full-time Shiatsu practitioner since 1990. I also taught for the European Shiatsu School in Cardiff during the 90's.

I have continued my association with the British School for a further year, assisting on various courses and additionally studying for my Shiatsu teacher (T) qualification. It has also been my good fortune to have studied with some of the great Shiatsu teachers, including Master Ohashi and Saul Goodman.