Allergy Testing

Food sensitivities and allergies can cause:

There may also be other causes of all these problems.

Allergy testing is quick, painless and accurate. Desentisation is available and safe. Sensitivity to foods and chemicals is the cause of much ill health today but often goes unrecognised. It can give rise to a variety of symptoms which are apparently unrelated to the cause, from asthma and eczema to irritable bowel and depression, though it is not the only cause of these problems.

Cause and effect may be direct and obvious: Washing powder may cause a contact dermatitis; strawberries may cause vomiting. Masked food allergy is more complicated and may be missed. In this case the body reacts directly to a common foodstuff on first contact (parents may not notice that the baby has more wind than usual or a headache), and then adapts to it with no further problems. Symptoms may show years later when saturation point is reached and the body stops adapting. Symptoms may be anywhere in the body and of any type.

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