Rosemary Westlake Medical Herbalist

Medical herbalists use remedies made from whole plant extracts.  I am trained to look beyond and beneath the obvious to find the root cause of the problem, helping the body to correct imbalances and heal itself.  I do not treat symptoms I treat people. 

My interest in herbs goes back many years.  It began in childhood, when I was sent to pick mint from the garden, accompanied by my Mother's warning to avoid the plants growing next to the mint as "they were poisonous".

A simple remark, but one, which started me wondering how some plants can be good for us and others are not.

Since then my fascination for herbs has grown leading me to become the qualified medical herbalist I am today.

I have been a member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists since qualifying in 1994 from the School of Herbal Medicine and has been in practice at the Natural Health Clinic since 1995.