Camille Clarke Naturopathic Nutritionist

Naturopathic nutrition is the study of natural concepts that help the body free itself from toxins and achieve optimum health through natural medicinal properties of nutrient rich food.  Challenging foods and busy lifestyles often lead to internal stress which has a consequence on nutrient availability.  Many health problems will benefit from Naturopathic nutritional therapy, as nutrients are the building blocks of good health.

Physical and emotional stress robs the body of vital nutrients, depleting stores, often resulting in vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Some deficiencies are minor, leading to symptoms of fatigue, headaches or low immune responses, while long term deficiencies when the body is continually under stress with a poor diet may lead to major symptoms of ill health.

A personal health and nutritional programme is specifically devised to meet individual requirements. This will help to raise the nutrient profile of the body, eliminate toxins, allowing a gentle cleanse at cellular level creating the right conditions for good health.

After completing my aromatherapy studies, I continued to study for a further three years to obtain a professional qualification in Naturopathic Nutrition