Camille Clarke Reflexologist

I have found that reflexology has proved to be an invaluable treament in helping to stimulate the body's innate healing ability to move towards balance and wellbeing.

The benefits of reflexology are accumulative and for successful outcomes it is recommended to have 2 to 4 weekly treatments to begin.  After the initial period of treatment a series of fortnightly treaments proves beneficial, followed by monthly treaments.  If reflexology is chosen with the desire for relaxation then monthly appointments are more than suitable. Clients come for many different reasons including stress related problems, relaxation and maternity reflexology.

I trained and obtained my diploma in Reflexology in 2006 with VTCT. Prior to obtaining this qualification I gained valuable experience in other Natural Health disciplines, working as an Aromatherapist and Naturopathic Nutritionist in a busy Natural Health clinic in Cardiff since 1996.

Throughout my career as a Natural Health Practitioner I have given talks, demonstrations and designed workshops on various health related issues for many different groups and societies including the medical profession for alternative methods of obtaining pain relief.