The methodology behind Yoga can become a way of life which may occur for anybody interested in self-development and self-healing.

It is a combination of physical and mental exercises linked in with correct breathing thus promoting flexibility and increasing stamina and strength within the body.

Yoga can be the way forward to a healthy mental attitude in a busy, stressful world.

Yoga helps you to take charge of your own health

You feel younger, fitter and the practice aids you to retain your youth and you are able to enjoy life to the full

This ancient system of gentle, graceful exercise helps regulate metabolism, balances the hormonal system, raises energy levels and focuses the mind

Yoga is a holistic approach which works to integrate mind, body and spirit

Yoga exercises send fresh oxygen through the body, which helps keep the immune system strong

Yoga is performed with bodily weaknesses in mind as postures are taught with modifications – you work to your own level and capability

Learn the benefits of the correct way of breathing to see immediate improvement in how you feel and operate within your everyday life: correct breathing acts as a natural tranquilliser for the nervous system

Feel how you are able to ‘let go’ and re-learn the art of being able to relax

Stretching, an important part of yoga, helps boost joint movement, energy and circulation within the body

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